Folk Music for Everyone

    Since the beginning of recorded history humans have felt the need to express themselves in song and many people devoted themselves to the making of music. Many early songs were created as workers performed their tasks. This came about for a variety of reasons, to alleviate boredom from repetitive tasks, to keep work synchronized in rhythmic routines, and to set the pace for activities like reaping and threshing. This type of music came to be known as folk music when it became common as a means for entertaining and retelling history.

    Today, folk music appears as a wide variety of types with different types of folk music appearing based on the region where it began. Celtic folk music is extremely popular the world over, from its beginnings in Western Europe it is now closely associated with musicians and performers from Ireland and the British Isles.

    Neo-folk is an interesting form of experimental music that came from industrial music roots. It can be either completely acoustic folk music or a blend of acoustic and other sounds such as pianos and strings.

    Neo-folk is a natural off shoot of the folk music style since both genres are built on principles that are against commercialization as well as popular culture that is traditionally quite often has its basis in young people speaking out against the establishment.

    Whether you’re interested in the classic folk music that follows the established pattern of songs regularly heard in coffee houses, or find the neo-folk style more to your taste there’s something for everyone here on our sight. Lovers of experimental acoustic musical styles will be especially pleased with our extensive section focussing on your first love.