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Things to Consider with Picking a Cleaning Company

Things to Consider with Picking a Cleaning Company

Picking a cleaning company is not as easy as one, two three. There are many things that you need to consider when picking the right cleaning company for the job and it does not matter if you are in need of house cleaning or office cleaning.

Today we present you with a mini guide on picking a cleaning company. By the time you are done reading this, you will know exactly how to pick the right cleaning company for the cleaning work, you need doing.


A great way to start looking at the cleaning company you are looking to hire is to ask for some references. In today digital age this could be as simple as going on their website and looking at their video testimonial or their reviews on places like Yelp.

If this is not available then ask them for real references the old school way by asking them for a client who you can call to speak to.


Ask what ongoing training program the company has for their staff. While experience is a great thing. One step, better is a company who keeps their staff up to date with the best practices and standards.


Depending on the company that you are going to deal with and the type of cleaning that you need the certifications the company holds will differ. That being said there is never a time a company will not have certifications so if they have none, run!


What associations are they part of? Associations are not just fancy clubs. Associations hold their members accountable to certain standards. So a company that is part of an associations (or two) will generally do higher quality worth than a company not part of an association.

Insured and Bonded

Is the cleaning company insured and bonded? Let’s say you hire an office cleaning company and water or some other liquid gets split on a computer. If the company is insured then getting a claim pushed through should be a breeze.

If the company is not insured you might have to take them to court to pay up if they don’t admit to their fault and this could take months, even a year.


Find out what the companies schedule is like. There is no point taking a conversation any further if you are looking for an office cleaning company that can only do weekend cleaning as they are fully booked.

Something else to ask is how they deal with emergency call outs. Are the possible?


Find out how the cleaning company measures their work? Do they just come and leave? Or do they provide you with a checklist with everything that has been completed and signed off?

This is important as you don’t want to find out after the job is done that something you wanted to be completed that was never dealt with.

Custom Cleaning Programs

Do you need a custom cleaning program? Does the cleaning company that you are looking to hire provide this? It’s best to speak to them about the standard cleaning programs and bring up that you need something custom quite fast if their standards won’t work. Not all companies do custom cleaning solutions so priorities this question.


Does the cleaning company comply with occupational health and safety laws? It doesn’t matter what country you need cleaning in. All countries have their set laws that cleaning businesses need to stick. It’s best to ask for a compliance certificate to see that they are telling the truth.

Supplies and Equipment

Ask what supplies and equipment are provided. If you are getting office cleaning done with the janitorial supplies for the stuff be restocked as part of your quote or will that come at an extra cost? Asking this question will reduce any surprises down the line. The last thing you want is to walk into your office in the morning and notice there is no toilet paper!