Why is Cleaning Important

Why is Cleaning Important

Having a clean home is very important. There have been studies that have taken place that have linked clean homes to physical fitness. So having a clean home is not just for show and tell. And this makes perfect sense as if you live in a dirty home you are more likely to get sick and more often. So you wont be as fit as the person who is out and about being active more often.

But there is more to a clean home than your own fitness. Lets expand on why a clean home is important.

Less Stress and Fatigue

This might not be an obvious thing to pick up on but when you have a mess home you are subconsciously reminding yourself that you should clean. So your eyes never get to really rest and the mess is always in sight. This stresses you out and fatigues you.

It’s actually proven that to much clutter is a really bad thing for your mental health.

Cleaning Reduces Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Asthma and allergies can flare up if you live in a dirty environment.

This is not some hogwash. It actually very obvious. The less you clean your home the more dust floats around the rooms you are in. Not cleaning also allows more moisture to take place. More moisture means asthma can be triggered.

Even if you don’t have either of these issues living in a home that has to must dust will make you sneeze a lot more than you are supposed to. And breathing in dust is never a good thing.

Clean Means Safer

A clean home means the home is safer to live in and walk around in. Did you know that falls and fire are the most common ways injury and death occurs in a home?

Tripping over clutter is how most falls that require a hospital visit occur. Clutter is also responsible for most house fires spreading. When a home doesn’t have clutter and the fire has less to catch on to burn it give the fire brigade more time to save the home.


Clutter is a perfect place for pests to hid. Cockroaches for example love to hid under clutter. They are generally just annoying to see in a home over anything but they can also spread dangerous diseases to humans.

The same goes for mice, rats and all sorts of pest and vermin. Having a messy home attracts them.

A good way to avoid getting a pest infestation is to keep an overall clean home. Wash dishes and plates once your are done and to not leave food outside.

So there you have it. A clean home is a health home. In summary if you keep your home clean with a regular clean once a week. Avoid clutter and clean up food once you are done eating you will keep your home healthy and more importantly you will stay healthy.

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